Check out some projects from our Felixstowe Recording Studio.

Studio Testing of Microphones and Effects

1. Liberation is using my new MXR Flanger on guitar, recorded with a SM57 at the edge of the speaker through Neve 1290 preamp, Pye compressor and a dash of verb. Bass D.I'ed through Gyraf G9 and  Neve 1290 preamp, Pye compressor. Programmed drums.

2. Hiatus is testing the G9 Valve Preamp with a D.I. guitar for clean sound and using the C12a in the middle of the room as drum mic, Bass DI.

3. U47 Room is a U47 with EF800 about 8 foot away at about waist height, through Neve 1290, no EQ, all levels at unity and no gain on preamp or line in with Abbey Road TG12345 compression on it.

4.  World Revolution was recorded with U47 (EF800) as room mic featuring new B5887 transformer. U47 was in centre of room about 8 foot away at about waist height. TG12345 plugin was then put on Drums in protools. Acoustic guitar was Di'ed through Gyraf G9 and then through LA2A. Bass Di'ed through API-312 and then into 1176Blue Stripe.

5. Against it All was same setup as previous.

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